Lovely Tempo – Gentle, effective, genuine – Absolutely zero hard sell.

Liz Alexander

I would like to say thank you for the course at the weekend which was so helpful in so many ways. I run a small gym with my Husband Gary where we work with many wonderful members who help us make it a truly inspirational club. As a small club we help each individual as best as we can and get amazing results. Like many people we get so many rewards from helping others.

I have had a recent struggle keeping on top of things recently as circumstances encouraged me to address my issues rather than hiding behind my work and trying to help other people to make me feel better about myself. Addressing my issues has caused me great problems and your course as helped reinforce that it was the right thing to do and that I can and will improve my future. If I hadn’t addressed my problems I would never have found NLP and that has to be a positive.

So truly thank you, the weekend you provided came at the perfect time.

Becky Nicholas

I have learnt a lot about NLP this weekend, but what has really amazed me is how much I have learnt about myself. My learning preferences, my eye patterns, I now understand some of the things I have been doing wrong when I communicate with people, and what I can do differently. Illuminating! Thanks and see you again soon.

Peter Edgar

Very credible and fun trainers! Fascinating material which when presented and used changes your life! I will recommend you!

Wendy Oliver Executive Coach

INCREDIBLE 2 DAYS! Packed with useful information and presented by 2 lovely, down to earth and very friendly people.”

Anna Farano Teacher

Thank You for an excellent course this last weekend. I thought everything was 1st class. The content was great, the teaching was effective, and I really appreciated the way you delivered the course. By that I mean the non-showy and warm way you communicated and the clear stance you took on treating your audience ethically. I have been to a LOT of workshops where there is just a grab for money regardless of the needs of the people who attend – Your way is a breath of fresh air!

Chris Harding Trainer

Awesome Weekend! Met lots of wonderful new friends. Kate and Toby are brilliant – very genuine and you couldn’t meet nicer people. Learnt lots of new skills. Kate and Toby’s passion for NLP and Personal Development really shines through. Their passion for helping others outweighs the desire to sell courses which I think is VERY refreshing! Heart-warming!

Laura Forbes Senior Sales Advisor